Goa Festival

Monsoon Goa and Chikhal – Kala Festival

About the Event

Date: 21-22-23 July 2018

Time: 11 am on 21 July in Goa to 6 pm on 23rd July in Goa

Fees: 12900-/ incl of GST (includes stay, meals, local transport in Goa)

Join us for a unique spiritual experience and capture the innocent bliss of devotees as they play in the mud in the ancient temple village of Marcel, Goa.

1. Accompanied by experienced mentor and photographer, you will be witnessing one of the purest and joyful rituals of all time as it unfolds in front of your eyes, the mentor will explain the tradition and guide you in capturing the best moments of the festival with right techniques.

2. Also, included in the tour a guided walk into the bylanes of Old Panaji, popularly known as Fountainhas  where you will be capturing the very essence of Portugese style colorful homes and equally colorful people.

3. Stick around with mentor to explore the fishy fish market of Panaji and Calangute, witnessing the morning chaos and capturing it through the lens.

Details :

Goa attracts many tourists for its special charm and chill-out attitude. However, there is other side of Goan culture which is equally attractive and relatively untouched, the ‘Hindu culture’. In July, when the monsoon has already set the stage, on occasion of ‘Ashadhi Ekadashi’ the village of Marcel comes alive with the sound of Jai Hari Vitthal. The ancient Devki Krishna Temple in the village gears up for the celebration ahead in the day. The entire village gathers in the temple area and men play traditional games like vitti-dandu, kho-kho etc. which Lord Krishna probably played in his childhood. Later, they enter into the temple courtyard and play in the mud with devotion. The devotees are chanting Lord Krishna’s name while playing and the entire environment is filled with joy. People bring in small kids from the family and apply mud on their body playfully. 

The festival is happening on Monday, 23rd July 2018. The Photographer’s Blog is arranging a 3 days tour to Goa with 21st and 22nd July prefixed to the event focusing on streets and old Goa architecture.  Detailed Itinerary as follows:

Day 1: Saturday 21st July: Check-in and photography in Fountainhas

1300 hrs : Check-In at hotel in Panaji

1400 hrs : Freshen up, Introduction and Lunch

1600 hrs : Exploring Old Panaji and Fountainhas Area, guided tour

2000 hrs : Discussion and Review of Images of the Day

Day 2: Sunday 22nd July: Fish Market and Fishermen Village

0700 hrs : Head to one of the fishermen’s village. (This will be a 3 hours session at location covered entirely by walking. During the session we will be exploring fish market and communicating with the locals. The mentor will help you to get best shots of people and action by giving hands-on experience on how to communicate with locals and make yourself comfortable with the subject. We will be discussing various techniques involved in street-photography focusing on story telling through pictures.)

1200 hrs : Lunch at local restaurant

1400 hrs : Visiting Divar Island to capture rural Goa (Rural Goa has its own charm. Away from the hustle bustle, party and beaches, this village moves at its own pace. Mostly covered in paddy fields there are many Portugese style homes in the village. The entire village looks beautiful in monsoon as the entire area is covered in Green.)

1800 hrs : Return to Hotel, review images taken during the day. (Later patrons are free to carry out their own activities)

Day 3: Chikhal Kala Festival

0830 hrs : Heading to Marcel Village

0900 hrs : Breakfast on the way

0930 hrs : Reaching Marcel village and exploring the local area and festival. (Here, the mentor will give a brief about the activities that will be taking place and providing inputs on best moments that we will be witnessing during the event. The mentor will be giving personal attention and providing due guidance to get better output.)

1500 hrs : Lunch at Panaji, review of images, end of tour.


1. DSLR Camera with a suitable zoom lens.​
2. Camera rain covers and protective gears
3. Tripod or Monopod


​1. Good pair of shoes
2. Rain protection for self
3. A good waterproof dry camera bag
4. Spare clothes while on location

DO's & DONT's

1. Carry Personal medicines if any.
2. Alcohol is strictly not allowed on any outdoor shoots.
3. Be humble with locals.
4. Do not litter.
5. Avoid any adventure that may be risky for yourself and for other photographers.
6. Do not be late.


1. Weather conditions are unpredictable and may restrict photography opportunities.
2. We as a company or individual are not liable for any loss/damage of gear, valuables or any other losses during the events.
3. Participants are responsible for their own safety. 
4. Insurance of any kind will not be provided.
5. Room stays in Hotel will be allotted on first come first serve basis.

6. Travel to and fro to GOA  is not included in the package.

Mentor : Tejas Shinde

Tejas is an avid traveler and passionate photographer who is on the lookout for unique experiences and festivals. He has a liking for human nature and its relation with the surrounding. So his photos essentially have a human element in them. He likes to tell stories through picture. Photography for him is a mean of expressing an emotion just like a poetry. This passion has taken him to unusual places and given off-beat experience which he eagerly shares on many occasions. - Tejas Shinde

Sample Images from Off-Beat Goa experience

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