Bring out the best in your RAW Files !!

Enhance Your Editing Skills With Advance Photo Editing Techniques to Create Timeless Images and Excel In Photography

This 2 days workshop is designed with utmost care to teach you all the cutting edge image editing techniques using Adobe Photoshop and Camera Raw. From basics to the secret recipes, learn everything to take your photography to the next level.

Course Content

Total 2 days duration. ie : 2 Days x 7 Hours = 14 Hours

Exercise files will be provided to the participants which will help them to follow along with the instructor using the same files the instructor is using.

1. Introduction
- Bridge
- Photoshop

2. Camera raw and Histogram

3. Introduction Layers
- Basic Layer
- Adjustment layer
- Curve
- Levels
- Layer masking Technique

4. Black and white Technique

5. Portrait Retouching
- Frequency Separation
- Surface Blur

6. Sharpening Technique
- Intro and different technic

7. Exposure Blending
- Single Image
- Multiple Exposure

8. Dodge and Burn Technique

9. Object Replacement

10. Luminance masking
- What
- How
- Application

11. Color Adjustment and Color Correction

12. Mood Adjustment and Light painting

13. Action Creation and used

Q&A session

Timings : 10.00 am to 05.00 pm (lunch, high tea and cookies, GST included)

Dates : 16-17 Feb 2019

Fees : 5800 Rs/- per head

Location : Deccan, Pune

Requirement for the Course :
Every participant is needed to have Photoshop licensed version installed on their respective laptops to learn and make the best out of the programme. Adobe Photoshop is free for use for the first 7 days. However, it is not compulsory to get your laptops along for the workshops if the participant so desires to attend the lectures only, in which case the participant may not be able to participate for the in-class practice sessions. Regester and download Adobe Photoshop here

Before and After Sample Images

Abhijeet Kulkarni

Photography Editing Expert

About the Mentor

13+ yrs of experience as User Interface Designer, UI/UX Pro, Web/Mobile interface designer, Web Solutions, Deep Experience of visual Designing Graphic Mock-ups.
During my tenure with my present and previous employers, I have had the opportunity to develop and hone my skills in different areas of graphic designing.
I have experience of working with different designing software, including the following: Adobe , Dreamweaver, Corel Draw Graphic Suite.
I am into photography from the past 10 years and I will share all the knowledge of photo editing to every participant of this workshop to the best of my abilities.
All the acquired knowledge over the past years has been put under careful consideration while designing this programme for you to get the most out of the opportunity. - Abhijeet Kulkarni

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