Fundamentals of Photography !!

Learn fundamentals of DSLR photography

  • Got a brand new DSLR camera ? Or thinking of buying a new one ?
  • Wondering what all those dials and buttons do on your camera ?
  • Thinking of how to get those blurred backgrounds ?
  • Want to know what pros do to make their photos admirable ?
  • Have you been shooting in auto mode for quite some time ?
  • Wondering how those big fancy lenses work ?

Find all your answers in this 2 day comprehensive knowledge sharing fundamentals of DSLR photography workshop. This workshop is for beginners who have just bought a new camera or those who are about to buy their first camera. If you feel you have been using your camera on the green colored auto mode for quite some time now, it's time to move forward. For those who believe they know a few basics but are hungry for more. This course is for you.

About the Course

Take a leap in the beautiful world of photography with this comprehensive weekend photography workshop.

Dates : 9-10 Feb 2019

Place : Deccan, Pune
Time : 02.00 pm to 06.00 pm on day1 and 06.00 am to 10.00 am on day 2

Duration : Weekend workshop 4 hours classroom session + 4 hours outdoor session

Day one : 2 sessions of 2 hours each​
Day two : 4 Hours of outdoor practice with Q&A session.

Day One - Session 1 (two hours) 

1. History of Photography.
2. Basic Concept of photography.
3. Introduction to Digital Photography.
4. Know your camera - Know about all the buttons, switches, modes,features of your camera. PASM Modes
5. Understanding lenses.
6. Importance of camera assessories like tripods, filters etc.

Tea Time ( 10 mins)

Day One - Session 2 (two hours)

1. Exposure triangle - Aperture, shutterspeed, ISO
2. PASM Modes & shooting in manual mode.
3. Focusing modes - Autofocus, manual focus,infinity focus & Depth of field, single point, multi point focus
4. Image composition techniques
5. White Balance & the color of light
6. Metering modes - Spot metering, evaluative metering
8. Q&A session

Day Two - Outdoor practice session

Early morning landscape/street photo shoot nearby Pune. (travel; by carpool)

Q& A session

Course certificate distribution

After the course

1. Get access to our ever growing photographers community on social media and whats app groups.
2. Attend free photo walks & photo sprints every weekend in 4 cities.
3. Avail 10 % discounts to the next two paid photography workshops of your choice in any city
4. Get a guide to night photography absolutely free.
5. Access to a pool of mentors in various photography genres like fashion photography, wedding photography, wildlife photography etc... for consultation.

Fees : 499 Rs/- per head inclusive of GST

Awaken the photographer in you !!

Know Your Mentor : Satish Deshbhratar

Hi I am Satish Deshbhratar, I'm in to landscape, cityscapes and astrophotography.
I've been teaching myself since 4 four years now and growing as a photographer