Awaken the photographer in you !!

Learn fundamentals of DSLR photography

  • Got a brand new DSLR camera ? Or thinking of buying a new one ?
  • Wondering what all those dials and buttons do on your camera ?
  • Wondering how to get those blurred backgrounds ?
  • Wondering what pro's do to make their photos so admirable ?
  • Have you been shooting in auto mode for quite some time ?
  • Wondering how those big fancy lenses work ?

Find all your answers in this 1 day comprehensive knowledge sharing fundamentals of DSLR photography workshop. This workshop is for beginners who have just bought a new camera or those who are about to buy their first camera. If you feel you have been using your camera on the green colored auto mode for quite some time now, it's time to move forward. For those who believe they know a few basics but are hungry for more. This course is for you.

About the Course

Dates : 19 August 2018
Fees : 2000 Rs/- per head inclusive of GST (Lunch & High Tea Included)
Time : 11.00 am to 06.00 pm

1. Basic Concept photography : Camera Obscura

2. History of Photography

3. Introduction to Digital Photography

4. Features to look for while buying a new camera & lens.

5. Accessories like filters, tripods, camera bags etc

6. How does a camera take photos ? Whether its a simple mobile camera, a small aim & shoot shoot camera or a big high end fancy DSLR, there are some fundamental processes by which your camera takes a photo. Once you understand the basics of this process, learning other concepts or advanced techniques is just an extension of these fundamentals.

7. Know your camera :
-> Understand all the switches/buttons/features of your camera.
-> Learn how to modify various functions.
-> Understand how to navigate through the menu.
-> Understand your lens.
-> Meaning of RAW & jpg image format: How to get highest quality out of your camera.
-> High speed shooting mode, self timer etc

8. Camera Sensor Format and the difference.

9. Shutter Speed, Aperture & ISO
-> The exposure triangle
-> Shooting in Manual mode: We start shooting in Manual mode

10. PASM Modes
-> Automatic exposure modes on your camera: P, S, A or P, Tv, Av for some cameras
-> How to get correct exposure in various modes

11. Image Composition Techniques
-> Rule of Thirds
-> Golden Ratio
-> Leading Lines
-> Consider Your Background
-> Diagonals
-> Fill the Frame
-> Contrast between subject and background

12. Focusing
-> What is Focus ?
-> Auto Focus
-> Manual Focus
-> Depth of Field
-> Hyperfocal Point
-> Infinity Focus

13. White balance & color of light
-> Meaning of white balance
-> How to choose a correct white balance

14. Exposure Compensation
-> How to use the exposure compensation dial on your camera.
-> Advantages of using this techniques.

15. Metering
-> Guide to metering modes
-> Metering Modes : Spot Metering, Partial Metering, Centre Weighted Metering, Matrix Metering

16. Histogram

17. Bracketing
-> How to shoot perfect exposure images using bracketing technique.
-> How to use bracketing on your camera

18. All about Lenses
-> Prime and Zoom Lenses.
-> Focal Length
-> Magnification

19. RAW vs JPEG

20. Question & Answers session

Mentor : Rohit Chaudhari

Rohit is a fine art, nature & landscape photographer. He loves shooting nightscapes and exploring new places. He cofounded The Photographers Blog .com portal dedicated towards photography in India and beyond.