Bird Photography Event | Ananthagiri Hills

About the Event

Date: 17 June 2018

Time: 06.00 am to 10.00 am

Venue: Ananthagiri Hills, Vikarabad

Cost: 1500 -/ INR including GST

Meeting point:  TSPA (earlier APPA) Junction

1. Introduction to bird photography

2. Habitat, behavior of birds found on the hills and ethical photography
3. Techniques to shoot Birds

4. Personal attention
5. Access to closed group on Facebook (participants only)
6. Six months support and review

1. DSLR Camera
2. Mid-range/long range, telephoto lenses are preferred.
3. Tripod (optional)

1. A good pair of shoes
2. Comfortable and camouflage summer clothing

3. Cap
4. Drinking water and ready to eat food like fruits/biscuits 
5. A good smile and patience

6. Dress code(camouflage)

DO's & DONT's
1. Carry Personal medicines if any
2. Alcohol and smoking is strictly not allowed on any outdoor shoots
3. Be humble with locals
4. Do not litter
5. Avoid any adventure that may be risky for yourself and for other photographers
6. Do not be late

7. Maintain a good distance and avoid feeding them

1. Weather conditions are unpredictable and may restrict photography opportunities
2. We as a company or individual are not liable for any loss/damage of gear, valuables or any other losses during the events
3. Participants are responsible for their own safety
4. Insurance of any kind will not be provided
5. One should reach Ananthagiri Hills

6. We are carpooling for this event from Hyderabad on chargeable basis, contact organizers for the facility. 

Mentor : Karunakanth Bathula

A mechanical engineer by education renounced a successful IT career to pursue his passion for photography. His images have been accepted and exhibited in various International Photography Salons under the patronage of FIAP ( International Federation of Photographic Art), France. He also qualified for AFIP, their first distinct. Karunakanth is a pro Nature and Wildlife Photographers based in Hyderabad. His passion for Photography began with his love for nature. All his photographic work has a common denominator, which can be best summarised within the concept of : “The Art of Creation is the Art of Nature”. 

Hill stations, jungles, Lakes... there he enjoys the nature

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