Mega Landscape Photography Event

About the Mega Event

Venue: Tailbaila, Mulshi
Date: 10 th September
Time: 8 am to 7 pm
Cost : 1450/- per head (Includes Breakfast + Lunch)

"Experts are really helpful, location selection is amazing, it shows how well the preparation the behind the screen."
- Ashok Dewangan

"The Photographers Blog" this name have tremendous respect.

"The way you have given us to know what exactly the Night (stars, milky way) photography is, all legends Shrikant Shimpi sir, Soumitra Inamdar sir, taught us there specialization & skills to us with very much in detail that to under same platform & drone cinematography by Shivam Aher all this on same platform is really a fantasy & thanks Rohit Chaudhari for being so kind in all the way as group member, organizer a facilitative in all aspects. This workshop will take my photography journey to a new level."

- Vishal Belhaware

1. Introduction to Landscape photography at the backdrop of beautiful landscapes.
2. Equipment required for Landscape Photography.
3. Techniques to shoot Landscapes with camera settings.
4. Landscape photography basic.
5. Landscape Photography composition tips.
6. Personal Attention until you get it right.
7. Access to closed group on Facebook (participants only).
8. Six Months support and Review.

1. DSLR Camera.
2. Mid-range or wide angle lenses are preferred.
3. Tripod (Optional)
4. Drone (Optional)

1. A good pair of shoes.
2. A good torch light.
3. Cloth to protect your gear.
4. Comfortable warm clothing.
5. Drinking water/eatables (Optional).
6. Raincoat/Umberella
7. A good smile.

Sunday 10 th September 2017
1. Reach Tailbaila, Mulshi by 8 am.
2. Have Breakfast.
3. Landscape photography session starts.
4. Lunch at 1 pm.
5. Landscape Photography session continues till sunset.

DO's & DONT's
1. Carry Personal medicines if any.
2. Alcohol is strictly not allowed on any outdoor shoots.
3. Be humble with locals.
4. Do not litter. Avoid any adventure that may be risky for yourself and for other photographers.
5. Do not be late.

1. Weather conditions are unpredictable and may restrict photography opportunities.
2. Basic first aid kit will be provided and made available to all the members during the events.
3. We as a company or individual are not liable for any loss/damage of gear, valuables or any other losses during the events.
4. Participants are responsible for their own safety.
5. Insurance of any kind will not be provided.
6. We are carpooling for this event from Pune/Mumbai on chargeable basis, contact organizers for the facility.

Behind the Scenes : Mega Night Photography Event April 2017