Mumbai Cityscapes

Join us to capture the ever so wonderful Cityscapes of Mumbai.

Limited Seats

Only INR 1200 /- including taxes covering two locations.  

“Capture fabulous cityscapes with top notch mentoring and guides for shooting Mumbai city in the night.”

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Mentor : Ankush Deshmukh

What will be covered in the workshop?

Long Exposure Photography

It involves using long exposure shutter speeds to sharply capture the stationary elements of images while blurring moving elements. This type of photography might require a few necessary accessories like ND filters while a sturdy tripod is utmost necessary. A remote release shutter cable is very important as it is sometimes required to shoot on bulb mode. 


An urban representation of a landscape, it is an artistic representation of the physical aspects of the city or urban area. This is also a type of long exposure photography and requires the same accessories mentioned above. Composition plays a very important role in capturing a great city scape apart from deciding the right shutter speed. 

This is a technique to capture creative images in low light or busy streets. While a higher ISO can be used it is necessary to know the optimum ISO to control noise in the photograph. A good composition is always necessary for a good photography but the right camera settings are more important while shooting on the streets especially in low light situations and when things are moving and dynamic. 

Light trails is a very popular subject among many photographers and they can actually be a great foreground for those wanting to get their cameras out of manual mode and to experience shooting in low light and longer exposures. Again accessories like a sturdy tripod a remote release shutter cable are an integral part of shooting light trails. This type of photography also requires a lot of trial and errors while on location. Correct camera settings may help simplify the on field process.

About the Workshop

Date: 27 Jan 2019 Sunday

Time: 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm

Venue: Marine Drive and CST , Mumbai

1. Introduction to Night Photography at the backdrop of beautiful cityscapes.
2. Equipment required for Night Photography.
3. Techniques to shoot Night Photography with camera settings.
4. Personal Attention until you get it right.
5. Access to closed group on Facebook (participants only).
6. Six Months support and Review.

1. DSLR Camera.
2. Mid-range or wide angle lenses are preferred. (18-55 kit lens is good for night shoot)
3. Tripod (Must have).
4. Wired remote (must have) OR Camera with an intervalometer.

5. Black cloth to cover viewfinder while shooting long exposure.

6. Lens hood.

1. A good pair of shoes.
2. A good torch light.
3. Cloth to protect your gear.
4. Comfortable clothing.
5. Drinking water/ eatables (Optional).
6. A good smile.


1. Reach Marine Drive by 5.30 pm.
2. Introduction and Night Photography session.
3. Shoot the serene cityscapes with city skyscrapers in the backdrop.
4. Continue shooting nightscapes till 10.00 pm

DO's & DONT's
1. Carry Personal medicines if any.
2. Alcohol is strictly not allowed on any outdoor shoots.
3. Be humble with locals.
4. Do not litter.
5. Avoid any adventure that may be risky for yourself and for other photographers.
6. Do not be late.

1. Weather conditions are unpredictable and may restrict photography opportunities.
2. We as a company or individual are not liable for any loss/damage of gear, valuables or any other losses during the events.
3. Participants are responsible for their own safety.
4. Insurance of any kind will not be provided.

5. Transport to the shooting locations is not included in the package.

About the Mentor

 Ankush Deshmukh



An emergency physician by profession, photography is a stress busting hobby for Dr. Ankush Deshmukh. He loves low light and astrophotography and combines it with his other passions, traveling, motorbike riding and camping. He is a self professed star gazer and a milky way chaser and wants everyone to experience the joy of photography, especially landscape astrophotography. He is always excited to share his knowledge and wants to give back to the community. He has also published a travelogue named 'Ladakh: A Memoir' on Amazon Kindle which includes photos shot by him. He has taken inspiration from ace photograper Daniel Cheong for shooting cityscapes.

What Our Participants Say


The way you have given us to know what exactly the Night (stars, milky way) photography is, all legends Shrikant Shimpi sir, Soumitra Inamdar sir, taught us there specialization & skills to us with very much in detail that to under same platform & drone cinematography by Shivam Aher all this on same platform is really a fantasy & thanks Rohit Chaudhari for being so kind in all the way as group member, organizer a facilitative in all aspects. This workshop will take my photography journey to a new level.


Its second astrophotography session with Shrikant, Rohit, Gaurav, Ram , Soumitra , Shivam, Milind and Team. Passion led by unique guidance from Shrikant, Rohit; And Ram for correcting a six inch behind the lense for focusing for that infinity! Location was so perfect that one can see milky way with bare eyes, thanks to organizers. Dream is as always for night photography! And it’s a step ahead to conquer milky way galaxy within camera!Surprisingly got some good frames (I said surprisingly! as still way to go ahead) and hope to make them better and better. As I said before "Sky is not the limit, the Earth is !"


Thank you very much for bringing this great workshop to us. “The Photographers Blog .com”, is the best platform for amateur & professionals. I recommend everyone to follow the blog and update themselves in this competitive world.


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