Join us for capturing the beautiful macro photographs and landscapes on 6-7 October to one of the best suited locations for Macro and Landscape Photography, Satara. 

About the Workshop

Date: 6-7 October 2018

Time: 3 pm on 6th October to 10 am on 7th October

Venue: Satara

Fees: Fees : 2900 INR (incl. of one night stay, 2 meals, GST included)

1. Introduction to shooting macro and landscapes at the backdrop of beautiful Satara city.
2. Equipment required for macro and landscape photography.
3. Techniques to shoot macro and landscapes with camera settings.
4. Personal Attention until you get it right.
5. Access to closed group on Facebook (participants only).
6. Six Months support and Review.

1. DSLR Camera.
2. Mid-range or wide angle lenses are preferred.
3. Tripod (Must have).
4. Wired remote OR Camera with an intervalometer.
5. Macro lens or other macro equipment.

Checkout Tutorials on equipments to use for macro photography here...

1. A good pair of shoes.
2. A good torch light.
3. Cloth to protect your gear.
4. Comfortable warm clothing.
5. Drinking water/ eatables (Optional).
6. Raincoat/Poncho
7. Raincover for camera
8. A good smile.


Saturday 6th October 2018
1. Reach Satara by 3 pm.
2. Introduction session to macro and landscape photography.
3. Head towards the amazing sunset location.
4. Session will continue till 7 pm.
5. Head toward the hotel for dinner and good night sleep.

Sunday 7th October 2018
1. Wake up early and head to the shootign location before sunrise.
2. Macro and landscape photography.
3. Session will continue till 8 am.
4. Head toward the hotel for breakfast and Q&A session.
5. The workshop will end till 10 am.

DO's & DONT's

1. Carry Personal medicines if any.
2. Alcohol is strictly not allowed on any outdoor shoots.
3. Be humble with locals.
4. Do not litter.
5. Avoid any adventure that may be risky for yourself and for other photographers.
6. Do not be late.

1. Weather conditions are unpredictable and may restrict photography opportunities.
2. We as a company or individual are not liable for any loss/damage of gear, valuables or any other losses during the events.
3. Participants are responsible for their own safety.
4. Insurance of any kind will not be provided.
5. Room stays in Hotel will be allotted on first come first serve basis.
6. We are carpooling for this event from Pune and Mumbai on chargeable basis, contact organizers for the facility.

Make the best out of the event by learning the tricks from Dr Jitendra Katre.

About the Mentor

ENT surgeon by profession for 27 years. 

Nature photography began as an extension of hobby of water color painting. Doing wildlife and landscape photography since 2007. Published a Marathi book on digital photography (Continental Prakashan). Hosts workshops on digital photography and digital editing. Specializes in Infrared photography and night photography.  

Dr Jitendra Katre

Sample Images

What Our Participants Say

Beautiful Thanks to Dr. Katre and Gaurav. It was great experience learning from your insightful comments and wide spectrum of example images with explanation. Warm Regards.

Shreepad Hardas

Thanks so much Dr Jitendra for this wonderful session on star trails... it was nice meeting you and interacting with you throughout the session... Also thanks to Gaurav and the TPB team for arranging this photography session...

Thanks a lot Dr Jitendra Katre for sharing ur experience on Startrails..
It was indeed an amazing session...
Thanks a lot again. Many thanks to TPB for arranging such a great session

Sohil Laad

Dr Jitendra Katre, it was indeed a great knowledge gaining trip for me. Thanks a lot for the tips.
Gaurav, good arrangements, thanks a lot.

Niteen Jakka

Thanks a lot Jitendra Katre sir, the workshop was highly educative. Thanx Gaurav for good management and interaction!

Anjali Bhagwat

Thanks a lot Dr Jitendra Katre for sharing ur trade secrets for Startrails..
It was indeed an amazing session ..
Thanks a lot again

Vishwesh Behere