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Why us?

The Photographers Blog is a dedicated community for photography enthusiasts in India and beyond. Started with passion, we are committed to bring you the best in photography from around the world. Join us for our workshops, created specially for you with utmost detail to take your photography to the next level.

Your Mentors

Shrikant Shimpi

Abhijeet Kulkarni

Dr Jitendra Katre

Ankush Deshmukh

Yogendra Joshi

Abhishek Deopurkar

Dhiraj Kagade

Vishwesh Behere

Anvay Nakade

Payas Shinde

Tejas Shinde

Yogesh Gayakwad

Omkar Karpe

Sakshi Sali

Abhijeet Patil

Prasad Joshi

Siddhesh Kotavadekar

Rohit Chaudhari

Chaitanya Dudhalkar

Sumit Chinchane

Mihir Tokekar

Senaritra Dutta

Satish Deshbhratar

Rohit Shinde

​Abhishek Pachore

Amit Bhise

​Irfan Borgave

What Our Participants Say

It was indeed a wonderful experience with "Photographer's Blog", it was my second night out with the team and it's a new experience each time. Experts are really helpful, location selection is amazing, it shows how well the preparation the behind the screen. All the best.

I found the Digital Blending Workshop by Daniel Cheong very useful, as I learnt new ideas to blend images by a master and also got to learn newer perspective to shoot landscape images. This workshop has indeed improved my capabilities as a landscape photographer and I look forward to more such interesting workshops by The Photographers Blog in the future. I wish The Photographers Blog All the Best!

Photowalk with Manish Sharma.That was my first such experience of clicking pics on aamchi Mumbai roads.. Learnt many new things about framing and camera settings.Thanks so much Manish for your encouragement. Looking forward for many more such walks.

I’ve been following Daniel Cheong almost since last 3 years and have been a huge fan of his photography. I’ve always been very keen to learn something from him. When I came to know that he’s coming to India for the workshop, I got myself registered in no time. I’m really thankful to “The Photographers Blog .com” for bringing him to India and for all the arrangements that you guys have made to make the workshop smooth and hassle free. I learned some great techniques and will be looking forward to apply them in my photography. Thank you Daniel Cheong for sharing something which I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

The way you have given us to know what exactly the Night (stars, milky way) photography is, all legends Shrikant Shimpi sir, Soumitra Inamdar sir, taught us there specialization & skills to us with very much in detail that to under same platform & drone cinematography by Shivam Aher all this on same platform is really a fantasy & thanks Rohit Chaudhari for being so kind in all the way as group member, organizer a facilitative in all aspects. This workshop will take my photography journey to a new level.

Thank you Rohit, Gaurav and Sameer for arranging this amazing workshop with Daniel. I can imagine the efforts you would have had to put in to bring celebrity photographer like Daniel to India for the workshop. Kudos!I am also glad to have found so many wonderful friends during the workshop. Had a great time with you all. Cheers!