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Attended Mumbai Cityscapes workshop held on 07.01.2018. It was a very good learning experience with Ankush Deshmukh and Yogesh Gaikwad. They were very helpful in clearing the doubts and imparting new tips about photography. They paid lots of personal attention to each member of the group. I can join future workshops as well, I attended a photo walk from CHMT to Churchgate on 13.05.2018 under the Mentor Manish Sharma. He put his complete heart and knowledge in explaining to the participants the different tips and tricks of Street Photography and Heritage Buildings' photography. He paid lots of personal attention to each and every participant in clearing their doubts. Very GOOD experience.

Manish Sharma led.the cityscape workshop on 13th may. He is one of the best street photographers i Ihave met. But whats more remarkable is his selfless and generous knowledge sharing. We were a big group but manish was personally reviewing n giving corrections to each of us. Learned a lot from the master.

Thank you Rohit, Gaurav and Sameer for arranging this amazing workshop with Daniel. I can imagine the efforts you would have had to put in to bring celebrity photographer like Daniel to India for the workshop. Kudos!I am also glad to have found so many wonderful friends during the workshop. Had a great time with you all. Cheers!

It was an awesome experience...lot of things to learn from such an experienced person. The important thing I learnt is how to find a perfect picture for yourself... anyone can teach you how to click pictures but very few can teach you what to click... I really appreciate Manish's efforts to teach n share knowledge with others... Thank you so much Manish...

I was the part of Night Photography workshop arranged by TPB and guided by Shrikant Shimpi. it's always a good experience to work with like minded people who are dedicated to Photography.During that single workshop I refreshed so many things that would not be possible otherwise.They are great hosts with wonderful knowledge about every aspect of photography.

Thanks that I could ask a lot and take away a tremendous encouragement to better my photography skills.

Perfect planned courses for beginners. Veteran mentors guiding amateurs and pro photographers in very detailed manner. An awesome learning experience. Keep it up

It's always beneficial when the tutors are well versed with their craft! Loved the YouTube videos and their detailed explanations.

Attended First workshop of Cityscape with Ankush....and that was excellent workshop.....keep going...

I don’t know how I didn’t attend one of the TPB workshops sooner. Meeting with new photographers, but also having open and real conversations was something I hadn’t had the opportunity to do before. Also made me realize more of what I was missing in my image editing, what was lacking, what could be improved, but also what I was already doing right! Not to mention have one-on-one conversations with folks who have really become incredible friends and mentors.

This was my 1st attempt of night photography on dslr, thanks pritam n rohit to guided me properly.so I could capture startrail on mobile also. I will like to participate with you once again...

Basic Photography workshop is Perfect Well Planned courses for beginners. Thanks Rohit And TPB Team

I attended the Star trails and Milky Way workshop with Pritam and Gaurav. They have immense knowledge and were very keen to share their experience with the participants. The location was properly selected and all arrangements were nicely managed. Many thanks again for arranging the wonderful workshop

Have attended Uskan startrails workshop for star trail and milky way at uskan lake on 12-13 May 2018 @ Kamshet, Mentor Pritam Jagtap had excellent knowledge on the subject and was very much supportive.Workshop helped me upgrade my skills on subject and the whole experience was really enjoyable.

Attended First workshop of Historical Reminiscence Photo Walk at Saswad with mentor Anup at Saswad Best workshop, superb experience keep going.

What a wonderful start of the day it was ! Had an awesome experience attending this workshop of macrophotography. Thanks to Gaurav Patharkar, Rohit Chaudhari and of course Sir Yogendra Joshi for an amazing experience !

Thank you very much for bringing this great workshop to us. “The Photographers Blog .com”, is the best platform for amateur & professionals. I recommend everyone to follow the blog and update themselves in this competitive world.

Awesome experience.. thanks guys for making it better. Shrikant was very helpful.. thanks organizers for the night photography workshop.

Photowalk with Manish Sharma.That was my first such experience of clicking pics on aamchi Mumbai roads.. Learnt many new things about framing and camera settings.Thanks so much Manish for your encouragement. Looking forward for many more such walks.

It was really wonderful experience.. I would recommend everyone to attend from beginner to experts. Hats off to the mentor Abhijeet for sharing all knowledge he has. Thanks to all the management as well for organising such workshop... Best of luck.

Life's first experiment of Macro Photography. Getting in close on a subject is a good way to look, and think, about it a bit differently.Thanks a ton Yogendra Joshi for all support. Rohit Chaudhari thanks for arranging such type of photo-walks.

It was fun, being a amateur photographer got to meet a lot of professional photographers, was a wonderful experience gaining a lot of knowledge from all of them.

Himavat Singh

It was a great learning experience Yogendra. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and could improve my hands on macro. As always the time was short. It would be great if you can conduct a post processing workshop specifically to understand what care should one take while doing PP of macro images. Overall a very rewarding experience.

Thank you for being patient with us :D . It was a great experience learning from you on the field.

Sorry..slept after reaching home. Had a great learning experience yesterday and learnt a lot. Thanks shrikant, rohit, gaurav, sameer and all the new friends made yesterday. Looking forward to more such sessions in the future.

Loads of thanks to Yogendra, Rohit and Gaurav for Macro Photography workshop. It was a great learning experience for me :)Yogendra, I liked the diffuser you invented (with plastic bottle one). I had never seen all those instruments which you showed for macro.I can see the improvement in my photos captured today.Big thanks to Vrunda who suggested me to join today's workshop.

Overall a very enjoyable and informative session.We had a friendly and informal environment, yet well organized and very effective - thanks to the organizers (Rohit/Gaurav) and of course to Yogendra's expertise. The accurate checklist of equipment needed and details on equipment rental really helped participants, oh and how can I forget to mention the free diffusers. Theory on lenses, extension-tubes, focus, focus-stacking, bellows, magic-angles, use of flash, DIY-diffusers, magnification, etc. will prove to be very useful in getting better quality shots. Yogendra surely makes macrography look manageable & fun by clearing the air for participants (like me) who are generally overwhelmed with the concepts/topics listed above. Thanks guys for arranging this and for sharing the knowledge! Looking forward to more such events.Subjects that were simply ignored OR were regarded as pests which do nothing but fly around and bite (LOL!), are now very noticeable and have started to look beautiful, thanks to macrography.

Superb workshop
Thoroughly enjoyed
Learned lot of new things
Congratulations to Rohit and Gaurav for superb arrangements and well organized workshop.
Thanks Daniel for teaching so many things.
Looking forward to many more such workshops

En route Bangalore. Was a great experience overall. Got to learn many things, meet new people. The organizing was really good, so a special thanks there. Looking forward to see all of your star trails and loads of other experimental shots. Also looking forward to many such interesting opportunities. Thank you all.

Had a wonderful learning with u guys. Different tricks and gr8 guidance has changed our way to look at the frame of snap. Thanks again for all support and looking forward to learn many more things.

Superb workshop
Thoroughly enjoyed
Learned lot of new things
Congratulations to Rohit and Gaurav for superb arrangements and well organized workshop.
Thanks Daniel for teaching so many things.
Looking forward to many more such workshops

On the way to Pune.. as usual.. the car stopper at Mapro.. feel free to join us.. But it was an amazing experience.. ultimate location, dinner, tea.. and learning experience..nicely organised night photography workshop.. kudos to you guys..Thanks for sharing such opportunity..

Rohit and Gaurav. Was a good workshop guys! Enjoyed getting in touch with the new techniques and getting to know the like minded tribe.

The workshop was very helpful even for a person like me who have been shooting macro for almost 3 years.Learnt new things like many new equipments. And learning about magic angle which was a new thing for me. It was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Great experience, well organised, awesome friends. To sum it up, want more of such learn n fun programs.

I found the workshop very enriching with the years of experience shared over a session. Yogendra very well demonstrated various cost effective methods and a variety of equipments that can enable you to venture through the field of macro photography. With his practical tips and immediate demo, things were very easy to understand and digest. Overall a great education.

This workshop was really awesome for me got some very important points about details of a photograph and how to enhance those!!! Special thanks to Mr. Daniel Cheong to come here in India and guide us through, also for the team…who made all the arrangements !!!!will be posting my pictures soon.

My first experience with this group is awesome. We went to dive ghat for pandharpur wari photo walk with most experience persons.

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