Secrets to Stunning Water Drop Photography - High Speed Photography

Learn all the secrets of Water Droplet Photography with hands on Droprobo Water Drop Photography Kit. The mentor for this event will be eminent photographer Azad Sheikh. Dont miss this oppurtinity to learn all the secrets for the Water Droplet Photography.
Workshop Highlights :
1. Limited number of seats (10 participiants only)
2. We will provide Water Droplet Photography Machine and Kit.
3. Discounts for the participants to buy this kit.

Contents & Schedule of the Course

Session Included : 


2.Basics of Photography

3.Basics of High Speed Photography

4.Deep Dive into Water Drop Photography
a)What is Water Drop Photography
b)The science behind water drop formation
c)Manual methods and equipment to be used (This workshop is not with manual methods)
d)Camera, EXIF settings for Water Drop Photography
e)Choosing lenses, Flash, Container
f)Focusing method
g)How to setup best light with Single Flash
h)How to setup the Background for best results
i)Secrets to Liquid Solution, Jet height, Background Lighting
j)How to form stunning liquid collision with reflection
k)How to take photos with bubbles
l)Practical Workshop

5.Closing Remarks, Creativity Ideas, Commercial applications of liquid art photography

6. Discussion, Q & A

Equipment required



2. Macro/Telephoto Lens

3. Tripod (optional)

Checkout Azad Sheikh's blog about water drop photography here

If you want us to cover any other topics related to water droplet photography apart from the above content kindly drop your FAQs here.

Timings :  10.00 am to 2.00 pm

Dates : 24 Feb 2019

Location : Deccan, Pune India.

Fees : 1240 Rs/- per head

About the Mentor


Azad Sheikh

High Speed Photography Expert


Azad is an Engineering Graduate and Photography is his passion. Currently he runs a software development and electronics business in Pune. He also likes Street and Macro photography. He is one of the leading photographers of Water Drop Photography space in India.

He has worked in Investment Banking Technology for 17 years for companies like Capgemini, JP Morgan and Barclays Technology.

 Sample Images

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